NYU Tisch Grad Acting 2011 - The Program

NYU's Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Acting Program is one of the most prestigious training programs in the World. Since its inception in 1966, NYU's program has consistently put out some of the finest Artists of our time in a wide variety of genres.

Some of which include:

Trazana Beverly
Barry Bostwick
Kevin Carroll
David Costabile
Billy Crudup
Edi Gathegi
Christopher Guest
Danai Gurira
Michael C. Hall
Marcia Gay Harden
Jason Butler Harner
Wood Harris
Mary Beth Hurt
Daniel Dae Kim
Peter Krause
Tony Kushner
Camryn Manheim
Debra Messing
Maggie Siff
Daniel Sunjata
Sean Patrick Thomas
Victor Williams
Saul Williams
Rainn Wilson
Frank Wood

"Many Alumni will simply keep working from project to project—in theatre, film, and television—making a living and making a life in the world of theatre. The program creates the kind of actor who will be centered enough to adapt him—or herself to whatever life brings that is creative and interesting and, consequently, will have a long and varied career. Some graduates go into adjacent arts—writing, directing, teaching, raising children, or a combination of these—and all that is consistent with the program. Art brings life to life in many different ways."

-NYU Tisch Site

Victor Pappas
Janet Zarish
Richard Feldman
Laurence Maslon
Rosemarie Tichler
Joanna Merlin
Mark Wing-Davey
Giovanna Sardelli
Lisa Benavides
Cigdem Onat
James Robert Calder
Hovey Burgess
Kim Jessor
Mona Stiles
J. Steven White
Vincent Agustinovich
Annie Piper
Chris Bayes
Martha Clarke
Lucas Rooney
Michael Raine
Voice, Speech, Text
Deborah A Hecht
Deborah R Lapidus
Beverly Wideman
Scott Miller
Shane Ann Younts
Larry Yurman
Jonathon Ward
Hannah Smith

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