NYU Tisch Grad Acting 2011 - The Season
Fall 2010 Spring 2011

The Henry Box Brown Play: Political - Historical -
Doggerel - Vaudeville

by Tony Kushner
Directed by Mark Wing-Davey
Original Music by Mark Wing-Davey and Matt Citron

by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
Directed by Hal Brooks

Acquainted With The Night
by Keith Reddin
Directed by Rachel Chavkin

by Molly B. Rice
Directed by Tea Alagic

September 30th—October 5th

September 29th—October 5th

December 1st—5th

December 2nd—6th

Orpheus Descending
by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Tazewell Thompson

by Jose Rivera
Directed by Jack Fletcher

Freeplay 2011
Theatre Festival

The Emperor Antony
-Adapted from William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" and "Antony & Cinna, Cleopatra" and Plutarch's "Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans"
Directed by Victor Pappas

Actors Showcase 2011
L.A., May 2nd, Falcon Theater, (310)712-1278

February 3rd—8th

February 2nd—7th

March 1st—6th

April 14th—20th

May 9th—10th